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Tied Up Husband

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Did you ever have one of those nights where everything you planned went exactly the way that it should have? Well I did, and it was more amazing then I even imaged it could be. Of course it didn't go the way my husband had planned it, but oh well. He didn't have any complaints.

My husband had been dropping some subtle hints about wanting to spice up our sex life. Usually his hints involved me being with another man or another couple. At first I thought he was just trying to tell me about his little fantasy life, but the more he talked about it, the more detailed his thoughts became and the more I came to realize that he was completely serious.

My husband wanted to see me get fucked by another man.

I honestly wasn't sure how I should feel about that. Did he feel like he wasn't man enough for me, or maybe I wasn't woman enough for him? The more I thought about it the angrier I became, The hotter I got about his fantasy, the more turned on. I decided I was going to give him his fantasy but with a twist of sweet revenge for making me think that maybe I wasn't good enough to keep him happy.

Because of the time I spend on the Internet with my site I get a lot of emails and ICQ messages from people who want to have sex with me. I really love the comments, and I especially love it when someone likes one of my stories or when the have a favorite picture, so I got into my email and started re-reading all of my old letters.

Some guys are crude and started off by telling me how great it would be to fuck me, while other guys never even brought up sex and talked about normal everyday things. Depending on my mood I like both types of guys, but for the night I had planned, my husband was going to get more then he asked for.

I'll be honest, I chose a couple because I wanted to be on even footing with my husband. I wanted to see him with another woman if he was going to see me with another man. I also wanted to really blow his mind for the first time in our sexual relationship. So, when I found a letter from Tim and Erin telling me about how they would fuck while looking at my pictures I knew they were right.

The only problem with my new plan was that Tim and Erin lived about 6 hours away in New York.

I wrote them and explained my plan, offering to pay for the gas and hotel if they could just come down for 1 or 2 nights and help me carry it out. It took a couple days to get a response, but Tim finally emailed me back letting me know that he and Erin had talked about it and loved the idea, but wouldn't be able to make anything better then last minute plans because of their weird schedules.

That put a little kink into my plans but after several emails it was decided that they would call me at home on the Friday evening that they could make it and I would put my plan into action. It took another two weeks before they could make it to town, but when I got that phone call, nothing could wipe the grin off of my face. My husband was in for one hell of a surprise!

When he came home that night, the son of a bitch almost ruined all of my plans because he had agreed to go out with his buddies and spend the night getting drunk. I didn't let on that I was upset with this news but inside I was furious. I went to all that trouble only to have it ruined by some beer? I couldn't tell him that I had a special night planned for him because I wanted everything to be a complete surprise, so instead - I left the room and called his best friend Mike, and asked him to cancel the plans for the night.

Mike is a cutie - he does everything I ask him and usually never asks why. Tonight was one of those nights. Maybe he herd the sex in my voice, but whatever it was that convinced him, he did a great job of making my husband give up his plans and stick around the house with his boring old wife.

I let him relax in front of the television for a couple hours and right before his favorite show came on I went over to the couch and put my head in his lap. Nuzzling his cock with my face, breathing hot air into his jeans, his cock sprang to life and enjoyed the attention. I ran my hands up his shirt and began to pinch his nipples one at a time. I moved my face away from his cock and kissed his lips, very lightly, and in my sexiest voice asked him if he could help me take a shower.

My husband didn't even answer me. He just got up, adjusted his cock, and went to get the shower ready for us. I stripped down right there in the living room and by the time I made it to the bathroom he was already in the shower soaping up his hands. Before the first drop of water even had a chance to hit me, he was washing/massaging my 34D tits like only he knows how. I wrapped one leg around him and began grinding my pussy into his hip. I could have had an orgasm right there, but my plan was to tease him, and not myself.

After some more, very seductive, showering I stepped out and ordered him to dry me off. He was taken by surprise with this because I never give orders around the house. Well, I never give orders like that anyway. He dropped to his knees and began to dry me very gently. I was very impressed when he gently patted my pussy dry instead of rubbing the towel all over it in an attempt to get me off. He's such a good little husband isn't he?

After we were both dried (he dried himself) I led him into the bedroom and pushed him down on the bed. He fell backwards with a laugh and even gave out a moan when I climbed on top of him.

I suppose it would have been nice to give him a final chance to back out of this right? Well I didn't. He made me go this far, he was going to deal with it. I moved wordlessly as I began using his best silk ties to fasten his wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Laying face up with his limbs spread in a giant X I suddenly knew how much fun bondage could be.

I also blindfolded his sorry little ass. Not enough, I also put the headphones on, and turned up the music (I recommend Enya) so that he couldn't hear me or anything else in the house for that matter.. I wasn't sure when Tim and Erin would arrive but I didn't want my hubby to be alerted by a car pulling into our private drive.

I started off by climbing on his face and enjoying one of the most exciting lick jobs he has ever given me. The way he worked my clit was amazing, and to keep the energy high I kept pinching his nipples and rubbing the underside of his cock with a very light touch - almost a tickle but just a little bit more. Every time my hand would rub the head of his cock it would jump and get even stiffer. After about 5 minutes of this I had my first orgasm. I didn't mean to hurt him, but it came so hard I drug my nails all the way up his chest leaving deep red welts. It's a good thing I wasn't playing with his balls at that moment or he would have been in serious trouble.

After this orgasm I began to suck his cock very hard. pumping it with my left hand and massaging his balls with my right. Just when he started to buck and really get into it, I stopped.

That's right, I stopped.

Not only did I stop, but I also repeated this sexual torture for the next hour. I would bring him close to orgasm and then stop. He was begging me to finish him off or untie him so he could do it. He was promising me a new car if I would only climb on top of his cock for 4 minutes. Nothing changed my mind. Nothing was more exciting then owning this mans mind simply by rubbing the nerves on his cock the right way.

Well, one thing was more exciting. the sound of the doorbell ringing. By this time my husband was used to me leaving the room every time he would get close to orgasm, and no doubt had no clue who I was letting into our living room. Erin was even more beautiful in person then any of her pictures, while Tim was everything I expected. No bad for random email friends. We talked briefly about making sure that everything was still on and I told them exactly where my husband was and what I wanted to do next.

Stripping in the living room, adding their clothes to the pile I started earlier, Erin walked in the room and began running her hands on my husbands body. If she rubbed him any differently then I did he never noticed. She eventually climbing on the bed and stuck his cock in her mouth. I thought for sure he would figure it out at that point, but there was no change in the way he was acting. I think he figured it out when she lowered her hairy pussy on his face because I am shaved. That is when I noticed his cock jolt and his legs get a lot stiffer.

Knowing full well that it wasn't me, but also knowing I put this girl up to sitting on his face my husband started sucking her pussy, moaning every minute or so to verbalize his thanks to me. Poor bastard. At that very moment I was getting my pussy filled up from behind as Tim grabbed me and bent me over slightly so he could fit his cock in me. Thankfully my husbands saliva made me so wet Tim's cock had no problem penetrating my lips and sinking in deep.

I put both of my hands on my husbands chest so that I could balance myself and didn't even think about what he would think of the rhythmic pressure my hand were making as my new lover pounded me from behind. He must have figured something out because he stopped licking Erin and said something. I have no idea what, but he didn't repeat it.

Erin wasn't about to give up on her orgasm, so she propped her ass up on my husband's chest, right in front of my face and leaned back. I was in heaven. Pussy in front of me, a big cock behind me, and my husband was helpless underneath me. I didn't even know how much of a turn on this COULD be, but here I was living out his fantasy and no doubt enjoying it a lot more then he was. His poor cock was throbbing and bouncing with every thrust Tim slammed into me. Erin's moans of pleasure we no doubt loud enough to penetrate through the music in his headphones. His wife was having the time of her life, on top of him.

About this time Erin had an orgasm so strong she had to hold on by grabbing my husbands cock and use it to keep her from falling off the bed. He actually let out a small scream of pain but not much else. He was probably happy just to have someone touching his cock again. When everything settled down for her she climbed off of my husband, gave him a deep kiss, and had a seat next to him on the bed. This gave Tim and I more room to climb up on the bed.

This was just too good. I pulled the earphone off of my husband's head so he could hear his wife getting royally screwed by a complete stranger. I began by talking to him, telling him that I had a big cock in my pussy and that he was getting what he asked for, and I was getting a lot more. He didn't respond so I started telling him about how nice it would be to see me getting fucked, watching Tim's cock slide in and out of my pussy like a well lubed (and thick) knife through butter.

Tim started to get in on the act as well by taunting my husband by saying things like, "Dude, I'm fucking your wife and her tight little pussy feels so good.", and, "I can't believe how close she is to your cock, but too busy with mine to even touch it."

Erin just laughed at my husband, asking him if he wanted her to ride his cock. His first words were "Yes, please." which just caused Erin to laugh even harder.

Tim let out a groan, and with no warning, shot his load deep into me. Pulling my head back by my hair and cupping my tits his cock kept jerking in my pussy and pumping more and more cum into me. Finally he collapsed on top of me, squashing my poor husband with an "oumph!"

We lay there for the next couple minutes, sticky with sweat and completely drained before Tim pulled out of me causing a large amount of cum to drip out right onto my husband's chest and belly. I could see him recoil when it hit him, but he didn't complain out loud.

I gave him a goodbye kiss before I left the room again, and the poor guy must have been aching to cum because when Erin did come in to finish him she claims he only lasted three pumps before he exploded in her.

I didn't untie him until Tim and Erin left, about an hour later, and wouldn't you know it my husband was the happiest man on the planet that night. He was really impressed with how I carried everything off, and only a little worried when I told him that his friends cancelled the plans because I told them what was going to happen that night. What a sap!

Maybe next time he will keep his mouth shut. I doubt it. and honestly, I hope he doesn't.

Chastity Cuckold Slave: "Smell his cock on my pussy"

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