Glory Days and Nights 2004

- Circa 1978, in the back room of "Adult World" -

My heart was about to burst through my chest. For the first time in my life I was kneeling in front of a cock and preparing to take it into my mouth.

In the dim flicker of light from the movie screen I watched my hand, seemingly of it's own volition, reach out and grasp the cock at its base.

Another man's cock. So familiar a feeling, and so foreign.

I knew that somewhere in my soul I had to want this, or I wouldn't have come this far, I would have selected another booth to masturbate in, one that didn't have holes in the walls. My cock cast its own vote, growing hard as steel in my cut- off jeans. Telling myself it was best not to think too much, I leaned forward.

The cockhead was just beneath my nose. Male smell, animal musk, much richer than female smell.

My cock, his cock, both throbbed. I felt his pulse in my hand. I traced the veins with my fingertips.

I stroked him, brought my fingers up the length of his shaft and encircled the head. I opened my mouth.

I kissed a penis for the first time. I ran my tongue through my lips and swabbed the tip. Hot, soft, rubbery-hard, salty, sticky-slick.

I opened my mouth further and allowed my fingers to slide part way back, down his shaft. Oh those veins again!

My mouth enveloped his head. My tongue naturally found the sensitive glans beneath. I gently sucked and lapped my tongue back and forth and side to side, playing with the tiny flesh nubbin there.

His involuntary shiver was a reward, as was the ooze of more precum. 

I began to bob and nod my head slightly. Slowly. Gently. I began to take more of him in my mouth.

I heard a gasp from the other side of the wall.

I was having trouble opening my mouth far enough and avoiding scraping his cock with my back teeth... Do I have a small mouth? Or Is my first cock that big? I wondered as I strained to open wide and suck at the same time. That seemed like such a contradiction. But I wanted him. I wanted his cock. I wanted to make him cum.

As his smell had filled my nose, now his taste filled my mouth. I was immersed in man sex. I kept my tongue busy around the head now, as well as revisiting the glans often.

He had thrust through the hole and the cock bashing into the back of my mouth. I gagged and teared up but I did not pull off the cock, instead I repositioned my fingers to limit how far he could thrust again.

I felt tears streaming down my cheeks, and a mix of saliva and precum was threatening to dribble from my mouth.

The rawness of this sex was like nothing I had ever experienced before, animalistic and anonymous pleasure. Even with female hookers there was a ritual of feigned friendliness or at least a weird familiarity. Nothing of the sort here; I was sucking a cock through a hole in the wall, it could be my best friend, or Mr. B from next door. Hell, potentially any man in town could be over there sticking his cock through for me to service!

Of course later I learned this type of setup was aptly called a 'Glory Hole'.

I was gagging more, my inexperienced mouth and jaw muscles were getting tired and sore. But I felt his urgency, the pulse in his veins as his cock seemed to stiffen and grow a little more.

"Oh yessssss," I heard him hiss with pleasure, and the throbbing organ in my mouth helped me to forget for a moment the ache in my jaws, and I allowed more cock in. I stifled my gag reflex temporarily and his fleshy hot head socketed into my throat. That cut off my air but I was determined to hold out as long as I could and I bucked my head.

The dick slipped into my throat a little. I gagged and choked, but didn't pull off. I felt a surge in the penis shaft in my hand and I had to pull back just a little, I was glad I did because I got a mouthful of hot semen delivered in two or three explosions of taste and sensation.

I savored the moment, so new and wonderful, his cum didn't taste like my own but it felt the same, had the same consistency, though there was more of it since I couldn't blow myself nor could I scoop it all up when I masturbated!

But now my cherry daddy was done, and I was allowed a couple of last quick licks as he withdrew to his side of the wall. I heard him zipping and buckling up, and the creak of his door, and briefly considered meeting him in the hallway outside the booths, but I quickly had an attack of shyness and decided to wait until I was reasonably sure he had left.

I tested my weak and shaky knees by standing up and then I heard something, "Pssst!" from behind me.

I turned and saw in the dim light that the other hole, for the booth on the opposite side of mine, was now occupied. A fat semi-hard penis was sliding through it, presented for me to continue my introduction to cock sucking.

Sore as my jaw was, I couldn't say no. I stepped across the narrow booth and knelt once again.suck dick!

I examined the penis, this one was uncircumcised. Looking to give myself a little break I started jerking him off.

He didn't stay soft long, and his foreskin retracted.

But then he pulled back through the hole. I heard him whisper, "Come to my booth!"

Overtaken by sheer horny sluttishness I didn't think twice. I stood and left my booth and opened his unlocked door.

He sat on the tiny bench at the end of the booth, his pants were around his ankles. I couldn't make out his features precisely but he looked to be in his mid-20s or 30's, slim. Perhaps blonde.

I locked the door behind me and took my place between his legs and kneeled. I observed that he had softened a bit and then there was no more looking, I felt his hands on my head, it was time to blow him!

He was rough and forceful, he didn't let me off his cock at all, and he was happy to jam it into my throat obviously enjoying my choking and gagging. It didn't help that the guy could have washed under his foreskin before coming for a blowjob. But even that seemed to inspire me to new highs, or lows.

Tears were streaking my face and my nose was snotty as I sucked him for all I was worth, ignoring my sore jaw muscles, and gagging so hard on his dick that it was a struggle not to lose my lunch!

As rough as he was he was also quick, after just a few minutes he pumped my mouth full of cum, stood up, zipped up, and walked out.

I was a blubbering and gasping mess. But I rose up locked the door and then sat on down on the bench to get myself together.

My mouth and throat felt full of goo. It was odd but delightful sensation, and I couldn't clear my throat enough.

I wiped my face with the back of my hand and considered masturbating, then I realized I was out of tokens. The door-shaker guy would be past any time now probably, best be going I told myself as I got up and alternately staggered and sprinted out of the bookstore.

In the days to follow as I walked through the mall or the grocery store I would find myself looking at men and wondering, did I suck his dick? Starting the next afternoon I went back many times and grew my list of mystery suckees!


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