Two Fem Doms and a piss boy or
Cheryl and Rita©2003

The apartment building that I live in has a laundry room adjacent to my apartment, so I see various residents walking by on their way to do laundry. Being a normal, healthy male, I always enjoy looking over the attractive ladies when they pass by. There is a very attractive woman who lives two doors down from me who recently moved into the complex and I noticed her right away because she is one of those ladies who would attract any man.

She is blonde, about 5 foot 5 inches tall, probably weighing about 125 pounds. She has firm, large breasts and the rest of her body compliments them. In other words, a stunning example of female beauty. I found out that she is 33 years old, single, and living alone.

Our paths crossed a couple of times at the laundry room and mailbox and I introduced myself to her, learning that her name is Cheryl. I found her to be polite, but not friendly, so our conversation was short. After that encounter when we would cross paths, she would not speak and looked right past me as though I wasn't even there.

I also noticed that she went in and out at various times of the day and night, rarely keeping a consistent schedule, so I was curious as to how she made her living. She drove a jet black mini-van with heavily tinted windows which seemed out of character for a young woman. Sometimes at night, I would see her walking to her van and she would be wearing a slinky, all black mini-dress, or tight blouse with short-shorts, all black and carrying a leather flight bag.

One sunny afternoon, I looked out my window and saw Cheryl in the process of washing her van. It was one of the rare times I saw her wearing something that was not black in color. She wore a white T-shirt, white shorts that both were scanty and showed off her magnificent body. I peeked out my window enjoying the show, but at times she would be blocked from my view as she squatted down to clean the wheels on her van.

My car was parked in the spot next to her van, so I grabbed a bottle of windshield washer fluid and some rags and went out to my car. I raised the hood of my car and added some fluid to my windshield washer, doing it very slowly, staring at Cheryl the whole time. Her clothes were soaking wet and she wore no bra and a thong underneath her shorts. It was sight to behold!

I was standing there pouring fluid into the washer tank and drinking in the sight of her bulging breasts and her enormous nipples which were exposed to view in the wet T-shirt. My eyes also scanned down her body to her wet shorts exposing the fact that she wore only the thong which was almost transparent. I said hello to her when I first walked out there and she just grunted in reply.

All of a sudden, I was aware she was speaking to me and it brought me out of the euphoria of looking at her gorgeous body.

She said, "You are pouring that stuff all over your engine scumbag ... I hope you are enjoying the show."

I quickly corrected myself and looked, and sure enough, I had washed down my engine with washer fluid. Cheryl was still standing with her hands on her hips glaring at me.

"You fucking men are all alike using any woman you see for a sex object."

I replied, "I guess I can't blame you for feeling that way, but they way you are dressed, and the water has made your clothes almost transparent, any guy would look, especially at a woman as good looking as you are."

Cheryl just stood there continuing to glare at me ... then she raised her hand and gave me the finger, turned around and bent over. She dropped her shorts mooning me with that beautiful ass and continued her work. I returned to my apartment feeling somewhat sheepish and regretting the whole incident.

Later that same day, I was at the mall and stopped by a gift shop and I bought a small figurine with clock in it. I had it wrapped and attached a card to the package with a message, 'I apologize for what happened if there is something I can do to make up for it let me know.'

I left the package at her door.

Two days later she knocked on my door and when I answered she was standing there with the gift I had left for her in her hand. Without any greeting, she said, "I guess you think that this piece of junk makes up for your insulting behavior."

She tossed it at me and I had to move fast to keep it from smashing on the doorstep. I said, "I was just trying to do something to express my regrets and apologize."

She stood there and looked at me for a moment and then said, "I tell you what . . . you take me and my girlfriend Rita out for dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant and I'll think about it." I thought to myself that I was about to blow $100 or more on this but I agreed. Cheryl told me to be ready around 7 PM and she would come by for me and that she was driving.

As I showered and dressed later on, I was nervous about the entire situation but decided to go for it, hoping that something good might come of all this after all. Right on the dot of 7 o'clock, Cheryl knocked on my door. When I opened the door and saw her standing there, I almost gasped loud enough for her to hear. She was stunning to say the least.

She was wearing a tight, black sequined top with a plunging neckline showing a bunch of cleavage. I had to concentrate very hard to not let my eyes drink in the sight of her beautiful bosom. She also wore a black leather mini-skirt which was about 6 inches above her knee. She wore black hose which turn me on something fierce and black pumps with 4 inch heel. This gorgeous sight was topped off with her golden blond hair cascading around her shoulders. God she was a sight to behold.

I managed to keep my eyes focused on her piercing green eyes as she said, "Come on, let's go, Rita is waiting."

She turned on her heel and walked briskly to her van with me following behind. As we drove the several miles to Rita's place, it seemed to me that Cheryl purposely moved around in the driver's seat, causing her skirt to ride up high on her beautiful thighs. We went around a corner and she had to step on the brake pretty hard to avoid a kid on a bike. This caused her skirt to move higher exposing the fact that she wore garters and hose. OH MY, WAS I TURNED ON!!

It was evident she knew what was happening as she made no move to pull her skirt down. When she said something to me, I would turn my head toward her to listen and reply and it was impossible to keep from moving my gaze down to her lap for a quick view of those luscious legs. She caught me looking a couple of times, but said nothing and I quickly looked away.

We pulled into the driveway at Rita's house and Cheryl tooted the horn. Rita came out her front door. She was very attractive, but not anything close to Cheryl.

She made up for any lack of looks by her flaming red hair, decent figure and the fact that she was wearing a red leather costume. It consisted of a low cut top that was short at the bottom revealing her midriff. Her skirt was a micro-mini, just barely covering the essentials. I got out and opened the side door of the van for her.

When she stepped up to get in, her skirt rode high up revealing the red panties she wore.

This was too much for me, I couldn't keep from getting a hard on. We drove through traffic toward our restaurant and Rita leaned forward from her back seat, resting her hands on the back of my seat which brought her face close to mine as she took part in conversation.

Her perfume was intoxicating and made my boner harder. I was embarrassed because of the lump in my lap as we drove along. I am sure that Cheryl noticed it from her position in the driver's seat.

Well, we finally arrived at the restaurant Cheryl had chosen and I escorted these two very attractive women inside. The hostess greeted Cheryl by name and immediately led us to our table. She winked at Cheryl and said, "Is this the special evening you were telling me about?"

Cheryl smiled and told her it was.

Those two women drank and drank and drank some more. They were giggling, whispering to each other behind their hands, looking over at me and bursting into more laughter. I got fed up with it all and sipped my two drinks slowly, as I felt the bill was going to be high enough without my adding to it more than necessary. The way it looked, I was going to have to drive Cheryl's van home.

Finally, dinner was served, consisting of the most delicious steak I have tasted in a long time. I ate mine hungrily as I was starving. The girls ate more slowly but ate heartily as well. By the time after dinner coffee was being consumed, the giggling had stopped and the girls seemed to have sobered up considerably.

Rita sat beside me during dinner and on quite a few occasions, rubbed her leg against mine. One time, when I dropped my napkin, I reached down for it and noticed that she wore no hose.

Finally the bill arrived and after a big gulp, I gave the waiter my credit card. When he returned it after a few minutes, Cheryl said it was time to get moving.

We exited the restaurant and I notice that a chill was in the air and I told the girls they should have brought a wrap.

They shared a smile between them and Cheryl said, "Oh, it's going to get cooler, believe me."

I offered to ride in the back seat to allow Rita to sit up front next to Cheryl, but Cheryl insisted that I sit up front. As we drove along, I noticed we were not heading back to either Rita's or my apartments. I mentioned that and Cheryl said she wanted to take a little side trip, which sounded innocent enough, so I sat back in my seat.

After a short time, Cheryl said, "Rita look in my black bag that is under your seat and get that stuff I told you about."

I casually looked over my shoulder as Rita pulled out the familiar black bag I had seen Cheryl with on many occasions.

"I don't see it," said Rita. -- "It's over on the left hand side," said Cheryl. ----- "I found it," said Rita.

I heard her fumbling around in the bag but I didn't take much notice and just looked out the windshield as we moved through the evening traffic.

Rita assumed her position leaning forward against my seat, chatting with Cheryl. I wasn't paying much attention and was looking out the side window at an accident on the side of the road. I remember Rita saying to Cheryl, "When should I make my move?" - - - "Now is good a time as any," said Cheryl.

All of a sudden, Rita moved directly behind me and wrapped her right hand around my face, holding a handkerchief or piece of cloth over my nose and mouth.

An awful odor emanated from the cloth and I grabbed her wrist to push it away. Rita put her left hand on top of her right and added more pressure. She was strong and resisted my attempts to get the cloth away from my face quite well.

I don't know if the cloth contained chloroform or what, but all of a sudden, I got weak as a kitten. My hands dropped to my lap, I became weak and lethargic, I had trouble holding my eyes open and my head fell back onto the seat.

"Don't give him too much, he will pass out, I want him to know everything that happens to him," said Cheryl.

I rolled my head over to look at her and she was laughing at me. She quickly drove the van into a parking lot in a secluded section and Cheryl got out and went around to the side door, getting in the back with Rita. They both were quite strong and pulled me in between the fronts seats, into the back.

I was so weak, I couldn't resist, I couldn't move, but I was conscious enough to know what they were doing.

As I sat on the back seat, Cheryl reached into her black bag and produced a wide strap that resembled a collar for a large dog. It had a small, metal box attached to it right in the middle. She placed the "collar" around my neck and with some difficulty, snapped it together. It fit snugly around my neck. She then produced what looked like a remote control for a TV. She pressed a button and a high pitched whine was heard and I felt the collar loosen a bit. The damn thing had a battery powered motor to make it tighter, or looser.

Cheryl said, "We had better get moving before we attract any attention." She got back into the driver seat and we sped out onto the road. Rita fished around in the back and came up with some leather cuffs which she put on my wrists, securing them with small padlocks.

She then pushed me forward and pulled my arms behind me placing a small chain through a loop on my right cuff. She laced the chain up to the collar and brought it down to my left cuff. She passed the chain through the loop and pulled it tighter forcing my arms up toward my head. It was like a double hammer lock and quite uncomfortable.

We were speeding through the night and had moved into a more rural setting although we were on a four lane highway. I was still very woozy and Cheryl opened a front window to let fresh air in the van.

"I want him to wake up now that we have him secured." The fresh air did just that and I became more aware, but still quite weak. --- "Why are you doing this?" I asked with a thick tongue. --- "Well Bert, we figure you need to be taught to respect women better and suffer some for your insulting behavior," said Cheryl.

"Yeah but this is going a bit too far," I said. ---Cheryl said, "We don't think so . . . you humiliated me, looked on me as a sex object and so you are going to suffer the same sort of thing, only ten-fold."

I started to protest and Cheryl said, "From now on, you only speak if spoken to ... and for right now, SHUT UP!"

She picked up the remote control, pushed a button and the collar whined into action. It tightened around my throat until my air was cut off and I couldn't make a sound. She kept it there for what seemed like an eternity before slacking it off.

Rita pointed her finger at me saying, "Don't say another word Bert and do what we tell you when we tell you and that collar will stay loose."

Cheryl explained that she was a professional dominatrix and was very skilled at making men suffer with pain and humiliation and that she was going to use all of her expertise on me.

"Why don't you get him ready Rita," said Cheryl.

I quaked at the thought of what was coming next. I had regained some of my strength, but not entirely. I tested the cuffs to see if I could possibly break out of them, but no chance. Rita told me to scoot over to the end of the seat which I did as I didn't want the collar tightened again.

She told me to put my feet up in her lap and then, she removed my shoes and socks. In the front seat, I could see Cheryl watching in the rear view mirror with a big smile.

Rita then moved closer to me with her face right up to mine. She smiled at me, stroking my hair, "Oh we're going to have a good time with you, baby," she laughed.

She grabbed my face and pressed her mouth to mine giving me a long, probing, french kiss, her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth. I couldn't help but respond and get a big boner on. She broke the kiss and saw the bulge in my pants. She reached down and grabbed the head of my penis through the material and pinched very hard.

I cried out in pain ..."You were told to keep quiet shit head!" --- She grabbed the remote and tightened the collar, choking me until I thought I would pass out. Then, she released it and I gasped for air for a few minutes.

She reached into the ominous black bag and produced a pair of huge scissors. She started cutting my shirt off, beginning with cutting the sleeves up my arm to the collar. When she had done that she easily pulled it off my body. She cut my under shirt off in the same way.

Cheryl was driving and watching in the mirror as Rita did her deed. Rita now unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned the top of my slacks and ordered me to raise my feet off the floor. When I did, she pulled my pants off, tossing them on the growing heap of my clothes that were being removed.

I wore only my briefs now and Rita ordered, "Raise your ass off the seat." --- I dared not disobey with the threat of the awful collar. She pulled my shorts off of me and now I was totally naked. Naked, and in the power of these two vengeful females.

We stopped at a traffic light and Cheryl turned around to see my naked body. "Man that's kind of a pitiful noodle you got there," she laughed. --- Rita reached over and stroked my penis, "Come on baby, get another hard on for us," she laughed. She raised her skirt up and exposed her red panties and bare legs. Even though I was in this predicament, my dick got harder.

We moved forward with the green light and Rita went through my trousers and got all the contents out of the pockets and put them in the black bag. She told Cheryl she was ready and Cheryl opened a window on the right side of the van.

Then, RITA THREW ALL MY CLOTHES OUT THE WINDOW! Oh Lord, here I was naked already and she threw my clothes out the window. With every second that passed, we drove further away from them.

We drove for another 15 minutes, I guess with Cheryl and Rita telling me that I was going to pay in spades for my male chauvinistic ways. I could not respond at all because if I made a sound, Rita would use the remote to activate the hellish collar around my neck and cut off my air.

Finally, we pulled off the road and into the yard of house set back behind trees blocking view from the road. Cheryl got out of the van and came around to open the side door.

"Bert you will obey every command that I give you, or that Rita gives you .. without question and without hesitation. If you do not obey, then the collar will be used to punish you. Do you understand?" - - - I nodded my head yes fearing that if I spoke I would be choked. "Good boy," she said.

I was ordered out of the van and immediately started to shiver in the chilly temperatures of the night. Anticipation of what was about to happen to me, added to the shivers.

We walked into the house and the warmth of the inside relieved my shivers from the cold. As we had moved from the van to the house, I noticed there were no other houses within sight on either side. The road we turned off of, was about 150 yards away and screened from view by trees and underbrush. We went into the kitchen and Cheryl starting some coffee brewing. Rita got some water and then got a bottle of pills out of a cabinet.

She brought two of the tablets and the water over to me. "Open up Bert." --- I opened my mouth and she put the pills in my mouth and gave me a drink of water.

Rita said, "In case you're wondering, I didn't poison you Bert, I just gave you a healthy dose of Viagra." --- Cheryl said laughing, "Yes we want you nice and hard during your visit with us . . . and wanting to cum real bad."

i stood there in their kitchen, naked as a jaybird and my clothes gone .... strewn all over the highway miles from here. My arms ached with being bent up behind me for so long, they were starting to get numb. I moved them around a little bit to try to get some circulation going and Cheryl noticed.

She told Rita they should get me outside and "hooked up".

I was ordered back outside into the chilly temperatures. I notice a thermometer on the side of the house that indicated is was 52 degrees. That is not cold for someone wearing clothes, but it's pretty chilly for someone naked.

I was led over to a wooden beam that was attached to the side of the house. Cheryl released my hands and they dropped to my side. What a relief to feel the blood flowing back into my arms. Rita stood a safe distance away with the remote control for the collar in her hand, with her thumb poised over the button. I was told that one false move on my part would result in a long choking session.

Cheryl had brought the bag from the van and brought out two lengths of chain with leather cuffs attached. She stood on a stool and looped the chains through hooks on the wooden beam. Then she put the cuffs on my wrists.

She stood close to me, still wearing the sexy outfit from dinner .... her perfume filling my nostrils ... her piercing green eyes drilled into mine ... she smiled and said, "Well Berty boy, you are kind of in a fix, huh? Well baby you ain't seen nothing yet."

Cheryl pulled on the chains and my arms were forced up and over my head. Then she made me spread my feet apart as far as they would go. She then put cuffs on my ankles that were secured to a metal ring in the floor of the patio. I was spread eagled now, my hands over my head, my feet far apart, I was helpless and strung up like a side of meat. Plus, it was freezing cold in my book with a slight breeze that had come up, amplifying the 52 degree temperature.

Cheryl stood close to me and ran her hands over my shoulders, chest, stomach and down to my penis. "Is that Viagra working yet Bert? Oh, hmmmm .... look at the hard on your getting. You like me stroking your dick don't you?" --- She had rubbed my penis and balls until I couldn't help but respond.

She continued to tease me until my dick drooled with pre-cum. She stopped, saying "Naughty boy, you can't cum until we decide to let you, which may be never." Her eyes gleamed with the evil she was doing to me.

Both walked toward the door into the house with Cheryl waving at me, "Bye for now Bert ... don't go away and stay warm." She laughed heartily and they both disappeared into the house.

I was alone now, cold, naked and helpless. I replayed the day's events in my mind wondering how I got into this mess .... and how I was going to get out of it.

It seemed like an eternity went by until the girls returned. They had changed clothes and were wearing jeans and sweaters.

"Hmmmm, it's chilly out here . . . Bert you are going to catch your death of cold being out here in the nude," Rita laughed.

They both had two large bowls with them full of hot water as I could see the steam coming off of them. Rita came to me and poured the water over my body. What a shock! I jumped in my chains. She laughed as Cheryl pulled a short stool up in front of me, setting her bowl of water beside the stool.

I saw that she also had a razor, shaving cream and a cloth with her.

"Rita, you start with his chest and arms and work down. I will start with his cock and balls and work down."

Rita agreed and produced a razor as well. Rita said to me, "Honey-bunny, when we get through with you, you aren't going to have a hair on your filthy, male body."

OH SHIT ! They were going to shave my body out here in this freezing cold.

The warm water that was poured over me had evaporated now, causing me to feel that much colder and I shivered profusely. Cheryl went into the house and returned with a mug of steaming coffee. She stood in front of me, telling me to drink it which I did. That warmed me up some.

Now the girls gleefully started their task of shaving all the hair off my body. I was helpless to resist as they both very methodically, went about their chore. Rita shaved my chest and stomach. She shaved my armpits saying that I looked like a girl.

Then she even shaved my arms and the hairs on my hands. Meanwhile Cheryl had shaved every sign of a hair from my pubic area, my cock and balls. It was like when I was a small boy. Then she shaved my legs completely.

It took them about an hour to complete their deed. When it was done, I was like a hairless dog. The entire time they were shaving me, Cheryl kept making me drink coffee which did have a warming effect. But coffee goes straight through me, right to my bladder and I was getting an urgent signal from my bladder for relief. I was afraid to say anything because I had been ordered not to speak.

Both girls stood back admiring their work and laughing at me.

I wiggled around in my chains and Cheryl said, "What's that for? Answer me." - - - I said weakly, "All the coffee... it's made me have to pee real bad." - - - The girls exchanged glances and burst into laughter. Rita went into the house and then returned with an empty quart beer bottle.

Cheryl took it from her and walked up to me, grabbing my penis and pushing the head of it into the top of the bottle.

"Go ahead and piss ... let it fly Bert.... that's an order. But you better not get a drop on my hand."

I had to go so bad I released my bladder and piss gushed into the bottle. When I finished, Cheryl looked at her hand closely and held it up in front of my face.

"You no good shit head, you got piss on my hand. LICK IT OFF RIGHT NOW!"

I had to do it, or I knew the collar would be activated and choke the hell out of me. I licked the droplets off her hand and then she slapped me.

"We're gonna put this bottle in the fridge and get it cool . . . later you can drink some of your "beer" ... we'll make you a human toilet." Both girls cackled with laughter.

Cheryl said to Rita, "I am really mad at him for pissing on my hand, we need to make him pay for that." - - - Rita whispered something into Cheryl's ear and then they both laughed and agreed to do whatever she suggested.

Rita stood away from me with the remote for the collar while Cheryl released my arms which were aching for circulation. She then had me sit in a chair which she shackled me to and I was helplessly immobile again, even though it was more comfortable. That was only after a fashion, because I was still freezing cold.

Rita went into the house and returned with a pair of electric clippers and I knew what was coming next, but I couldn't protest in fear of the choke collar. Cheryl gleefully took the clippers and turned them on walking over to me.

"Well Bert, we shaved all the hair off your body, so I think we should make the job complete."

I whined just a little looking at her with pleading eyes which she ignored. The clipper dug into the hair on my head and I watch in horror as chunks of hair cascaded around my shoulders and to the ground. She clipped all of my hair off that she could but there was still a burr of hair left.

"Hmm, we can't let that stay, give me the razor Rita."

Cheryl proceeded to lather up my head and very carefully shaved every inch, rendering me bald as a baby's ass. I was totally mortified.

She still wasn't satisfied because she proceeded to shave off my eyebrows. Then she took an eyelash curler and removed the rubber from it and CUT OFF MY EYELASHES! I was left with absolutely not one hair on my body.

The girls stood back admiring what they had done. But they still weren't done. Cheryl brought a can out of the house which contained wax of some kind. They applied it to my head and buffed it.

Then they brought a full length mirror and held it in front of me so I could see myself. I didn't recognize the naked man I saw. My head shined like the fender of a new car ... my naked body was totally bald .. the girls said I looked like a Nubian slave the ancient Pharos used to own. I was living a nightmare!

Cheryl stood back with the remote for the collar while Rita put hobbles on my feet. I could only take very short steps, then I was released from the chair and ordered to stand, then my hands were secured behind be again.

Cheryl then stood in front of me with a camera and took several pictures of me standing there naked and bald from head to toe.

"You came out that day to watch me wash my car and oggled my body, so here is another chance." She stepped out of her shoes and peeled off her sweater revealing her firm and ample breasts. The Viagra kicked in and I got a hard on despite my predicament.

Cheryl then took off her jeans and she stood there naked. What a sight to see! She was incredibly beautiful and she knew it.Andrew Blake

"Geez, it's cold!" She came close to me and took my erect penis in her hand and began masturbating me. My dick drooled with pre-cum.

"You filthy shit !" she yelled at me. She slapped my face. Then she resumed teasing me by rubbing her erect nipples against my body. They were rock hard because of the cold, I guess, plus the joy she was deriving from teasing me.

My gaze had been fixed on Cheryl so I hadn't noticed that Rita had also stripped naked. Her flaming red hair flowed beautifully around her bare shoulders, leading my gaze down the rest of her gorgeous body. I suddenly noticed that both girls' pussies were bald and I got harder.

"Shit, we got to get this done quick ... I'm freezing," said Rita.

Cheryl went into the house and returned with the bottle I had peed into. She walked up to me, holding it in front of my face. She held the bottle to my lips, "Drink it, Bert, I want to see you drink your own piss."

I had no choice what with Rita standing by with the control to the choke collar. My mouth filled with the briny tasting liquid and I almost gagged.

"Swallow it," ordered Cheryl.

I did with great difficulty and both girls giggled with satisfaction. " You are a regular piss pot Bert," laughed Cheryl.

I was ordered to lie down on the cold concrete of the patio, face up. Cheryl, in all her naked glory, stood over me at my feet. I couldn't keep my gaze from drinking in the sight of her.

She noticed and said, "Yes Bert, enjoy the view, but remember when I get ready, I have clothes to put back on ... you don't, your clothes are somewhere up the highway blowing all over the road." Both girls cackled with laughter again.

"Now, it's time for your bath Bert." Cheryl started pissing on my feet and walked forward straddling my body. She pissed all over me, and actually it felt good because of the fact it was warm and relieved my chills.

She stopped as she got to my chest, "Open your mouth toilet face."

Oh no, she was going to piss in my mouth. I had to obey, or Rita would activate the collary.

Cheryl squatted down, placing her pussy just an inch above my open mouth. She let fly and filled my mouth with her salty urine.

She grabbed my dick and jerked it, "Swallow it shit head."

I did and almost threw up. She let me stop coughing and then gave me another dose which sent me into violent choking and coughing. She helped me sit up and gave me some water which helped me stop coughing. Cheryl fetched a garden hose and rinsed me off. After a few minutes, she came and sat on my chest with her beautiful, bald pussy right in front of my face.

"Now you are going to eat me, and you had better do a good job of it, or I might just castrate you," she said.

I wanted no part of that and when she moved forward and sat on my face, I penetrated her with my tongue, licked her clit and pussy from end to end. I sucked on the lips of her pussy and her clit. It seemed a long time and I was getting tired when Cheryl finally writhed and moaned in orgasm. She sat there for a minute and then got off me, leaving my face moist with her juices.

I was allowed to sit on the concrete for a few minutes and recover. Rita said, "I'm disappointed Bert, I wanted to piss in your mouth also. But that can wait until morning because it's too damn cold out here." I shuddered at the thought of that and the fact that I was going to remained captive of the two girls overnight.

I was taken inside to the delightfully warm house. The girls put on their bras and panties and of course, I remained naked. I was ordered into the bathroom where I was allowed to shower while Rita sat and watched me with the collar control in her hand. Cheryl came in for a moment and took pictures of me.

I was then led out to the garage where there was an old sofa. Cheryl placed a chain on my foot and secured it to a beam in the garage. There was enough slack so I could move around some and I was ordered to lie down on the couch and sleep there. A very substantial padlock was placed on the chain and I determined that I was helpless to try to escape what with no tools in the garage and my nakedness.

I was so exhausted that when the girls left me, I fell into a deep sleep on the couch.




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